Swelling Behind Knee

Causes of Swelling Behind your Knee

If you have swelling behind your knee you should investigate it further. This isn’t something that typically should be going on. It could be the result of an allergic reaction to some medications you have taken. This includes both those you get over the counter and those that you are prescribed by a doctor.

Sometimes it occurs due to an allergic reaction from a bee sting or other insect that bites you. That could take place while you are asleep and you may not have a clue about what happened. Of course you can’t see behind your knee but if it is itchy or feels hot you should have someone else look there for you.

One of the most common causes of swelling behind your knee has to do with some type of fall or injury. If you have pain when you move or it is difficult to walk then you should get off of it and go to the emergency room. Try to use a pair of crunches if available so you aren’t putting any weight on it. You may have a torn ligament or a fracture in your knee. If you force it to work for you then you could do more extensive damages to it.

If you are involved with sports, you may find that you have a torn hamstring muscle. Most people don’t realize that this can cause severe pain and swelling around the back part of the knee. As you move, listen for grinding sounds which can also indicate that something isn’t right. Even if you don’t have pain those sounds can be indicators of something more serious to come if you ignore it.

The swelling behind you knee may be something you realize occurs during certain conditions. For example when the weather changes or when you have sat down for long periods of time. It could be the onset of rheumatoid arthritis. For women, it can also be the onset of osteoporosis. A type of inflammation that causes swelling in this area can also be due to the onset of gout.

In very rare occasions the swelling behind your knee could be associated with a form of bone cancer. Generally that can occur in individuals that are less than 18 years of age so parents need to pay attention to this. Another situation could be that a child has problems with the hips. The way that they walk can be putting too much pressure on the back of the knee.

There are health problems such as cysts that can allow a build up of fluid in the knee. This can often be taken care of through injections of cortisone. Individuals that are overweight and don’t exercise enough are at the highest risk of this developing. However, there are some people with a genetic link for such developments.

Talk to you doctor to find out what is the reason for swelling behind your knee. It can be something very simple that can be resolved in no time at all. It can also be due to something important that will only get worse without medical attention. For many conditions over the counter medications that have anti inflammatory properties can be all you need.

For other situations though the knee may need to be set back into place. A type of device that holds the knee immobile can help to allow it to heal like it should. Only in very rare cases will a person with swelling behind the knee need to have some type of surgery. Once the assessment has been done then treatment options can be discussed.



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